A goal of the eastern shore of Lake Como is Varenna , a town of about 850 inhabitants . Built on a rocky promontory is dominated by a hill , on whose summit stands the unmistakable silhouette of the ancient castle of Vezio tower. This old town preserves a medieval past , one of the best preserved in this area of the lake. The church of San Giovanni Battista in the X / XI century is one of the most ‘ancient of the lake and the church of St. George , built the twelfth century, preserves important period furnishings , in addition to the two seventeenth-century churches of S.Marta and Santa Maria delle Grazie which overlooking both to the beautiful square. Arriving from Lecco you can go to visit Villa Monastero, which
gardens decorate the beautiful the lakeside with terraces and flower beds, rows of cypress trees and many exotic species of architectural elements in more ‘ various styles , from baroque to classical to Moorish. Villa Monastero , once a Cistercian monastery , is an important international center of learning and cultural events known throughout the world; here stayed and the studied Enrico Fermi to which is dedicated a beautiful room at the entrance. Next door we meet Villa Cipressi , a sixteenth-century architectural complex with a beautiful garden sloping down to the lake and breathtaking terraces. In the ancient palace is situated the Ornithological Museum ” Luigi Scanagatta “, a rare example of migratory birds collected , refurbished in the beautiful rooms with ample documentation. Looking up, you will find the imposing silhouette of the Castle of
Vezio , 100 m overlooking the square. From the tower you can embrace the lake and enjoy a breathtaking view, the same who said the Queen Teodolinda . Varenna a’ was nominated by poets and writers such as Giovanni Berchet that with high words and hear says:

Go back with me , back to fragrances / of that superb and ‘ lido which the eternal /
aloe blooming trees and a hundred elected … but your spring meadows , or
Varenna , / spreads of everlasting flowers and laughs ( Fragments on Lario , 1816):

The small village of Fiumelatte worth a visit to observe the bubbling of water down the river more ‘ short of Italy , the Fiumelatte , which runs for 250 meters and only for six months a year , whose mysterious origins were studied by Leonardo da Vinci The ancient history of Insula Nova
The settlement of Varenna , dates from the time of the Celtic- Ligurian and was built around by the Romans . The Roman legionary Vescinus built the castle of Vezio, when Rome to conquer the Europe, wanted to consolidate the control of the eastern shore of Lario. The Lombards built the Vezio tower, in whose shadow seems lived Queen Teodolinda . Varenna sides with Milan in the war against Como and Barbarossa . Defeated and sacked by Como in 1126 , was the destination of the Island Comacina refugees , destroyed by Imperial in 1169. The survivors were warmly welcomed and contributed to the population increase , which came in front with an expansion to the north .For not forget their glorious island , they added to Varenna the name of Insula Nova .


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